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This Druid History book includes chapter on the Tuatha De Danann who came from the Otherworld-another dimension. Very interesting history and culture of this Celtic Race

Table of Contents includes:

  • 2.0 Historical Perspectives of the Druids
  • 2.1 Who Were the Druids?
  • 2.2 The Tuatha Da Dannan Who Came Before
  • 2.3 Druids in Classical History
  • 2.4 Druidism in England
  • 2.5 Merlin the Druid Magician
  • 3.0 Druid Festivals
  • 4.0 Herbal Usage
  • 5.0 Rites and Rituals
  • 6.0 Druid Meditations & Exercises
  • 6.1 The Tree Meditation
  • 6.2 Connecting with Spirits of Place
  • 6.3 The Garden Meditation
  • 7.0 The Tree Alphabet
  • 8.0 Druidic Magic
  • 9.0 Druid Prophecy
  • 10.0 Interesting Druid Facts and Stories

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