Quantum Mechanics is a strange but fundamental part of modern physics and we see the results of this theory with technology produced in our daily lives. Quantum effects may also help to explain our consciousness and spiritual (paranormal) abilities.

Quantum effects also lead to some very strange phenomena which seem impossible at first glance and has already changed the technology we use in everyday life in a massive way.
Some of the main subjects discussed here include:
• Quantum Teleportation
• Quantum Computing
• Quantum Gravity
• Quantum Consciousness
• Our Consciousness wave function
• The Multiverse

I also use the experiential knowledge from my prophecies and the research I’ve done on the paranormal to show potential links to quantum effects. The human ability to teleport psychically is one possible connection.
There seems to be a coordination between quantum effects and spiritual abilities as described in the Yoga Sutras on Patanjali. Near the end of the book I make an effort to link quantum phenomena and consciousness together.

The Table of Contents:

  • 2.0 The History of Quantum Mechanics
  • 3.0 Wave Particle Duality of Atoms
  • 4.0 Laser Development
  • 5.0 Quantum Tunneling
  • 6.0 Quantum Entanglement
  • 7.0 Quantum Computing
  • 8.0 Quantum Cryptography
  • 9.0 Quantum Gravity
  • 10.0 Quantum Superconductivity
  • 11.0 Quantum Dots
  • 12.0 Quantum Consciousness
  • 13.0 The Underlying Strata of the Universe
  • 14.0 The Yoga Sutras and Conscious Wave Functions
  • 15.0 Quantum Implications for the Multiverse

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