Welcome to this book about intuition and prophecy. My first book on the Topic was over ten years ago and is titled “Prophecy: A History and How to Guide”. That one was a general overview of the topic. This book is much more focused on how intuition and prophecy skills can be used to improve your life.

So what are intuition and prophecy and why are they important? These two things are spiritual abilities which we all have and allow us to see outside of the present. Like athletes some of us have more natural abilities than others. However, we can train and exercise our abilities to improve our lives. Prophecy is a more advanced form of intuition and has been used throughout history.
Intuition is more about being immediately aware of what or who is around us while Prophecy is focused specifically on the future.
While intuition is more immediate it too can be very useful. In fact all spiritual abilities can help or hinder our lives. This is true of any physical or mental abilities.

  • 2.0 What Intuition & Prophecy Can Do For You
  • 3.0 The History of Prophecy
  • 4.0 The Scientific Study of the Paranormal
  • Kirlian Photography
  • 5.0 How I learned About the Paranormal
  • 6.0 The Source of These Abilities
  • 7.0 The Reality of the Spirit
  • 8.0 Stories of My Major Premonitions
  • 9.0 Additional Stories of Intuition and Prophecy
  • 10.0 Premonitional Feelings
  • 11.0 Develop Your Own Abilities
  • 12.0 Using Prophecy in your life
  • 13.0 The Probability of the Future
  • 14.0 How to Ask Questions

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