This book covers the best evidence I can find on the reality of ghosts and spirits.
In 1975 while in college I had an adventure where I was attacked by some type of entity.
It is not the focus of this book but I do believe that entities can invade and take over people’s minds. These may be what the ancients called demons.
In 1980 while on a trip to Israel I also took a picture in front of the Holy Sepulcher Church which showed some type of entity or spirit very clearly.
There is lots of evidence that Ghosts or disembodied spirits exist so we cover many ghost pictures.
This book covers mystery ships also which may have been haunted and some certainly had ghosts too.

  • 2.0 The History of Ghosts
  • 3.0 Well Known Ghost Appearances
  • 4.0 Well Known Spirit Pictures
  • 5.0 More Haunted Houses in the USA
  • 6.0 Haunted Ships
  • 7.0 The Night I was Attacked by a Spirit
  • 8.0 A Ghost Hunter Gets Attacked

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