In this book the theory of multiverses, ancient cultures which came from other dimensions, dimensional shifting testimonies, and a lot more are included for your review and discussion.

The Multiverse was proposed long ago by the ancient Greeks. In modern times this subject has become very active among physicists. There is also some real modern evidence that the Multiverse exists.
My curiosity about alternative dimensions is the result of research for my first book on ancient Ireland which recorded that the Tutha Da Dannan (forebears of the Elves and Druids) came from “The Otherworld”.
I have also collected many testimonies and stories about people who experienced dimensional shifts which appear in this book too.
It is also possible that many reports of Bigfoot, Thunderbirds, Dragons, and more all also tied up in the potential reality of the Multiverse.
After reading this book you may become convinced that the multiverse really exists and this would explain many of the strange events in our lives. The world we live in is a much stranger place then most of us would believe.

The Table of Contents:

  • 2.0 Multiverse Histories and Theories
  • 3.0 Evidence for Multiverses
  • 4.0 Otherworld Legends Worldwide
  • 5.0 Interdimensional Testimonies
  • 6.0 Fundamental Constants
  • 7.0 Properties of Alternatives Dimensions
  • 8.0 More About the Otherworld
  • 9.0 Where Legendary Beings Come From?

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